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A Brief about Fluorescent Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Almost all kinds of lighting including fluorescent kitchen lighting ideas fit the kitchen well. However, there are several factors that we need to know before installing certain lighting.

  1. Colors

No matter what the lighting fixtures, it is important to determine the color. This is important since lighting fixtures are installed mainly on the ceiling and walls. Therefore, the appearance will be the center of attention. If we love to create a detail design, colors are the main factors that make it work. So, to choose lighting fixtures based on the color is a must.

  1. Material

We have to know that the material of a lighting fixture can actually influences the beauty of a kitchen. Lighting fixtures are made of styles and certain materials like metal, plastic, woods, and even crystal. The materials are also covered with special finish. To get the right lighting fixtures, we need to select based on the style of our kitchen. When we try to maintain classic or Victorian style, for instance, we need to pick lighting fixtures with glass or crystal ornaments. Meanwhile, rustic kitchen will look awesome with metal lighting with timber black material.

  1. Design

After choosing the suitable lighting fixtures based on the color and material, we will determine the styles. We might want to have pendant lighting for our kitchen nook but we need to make sure that the design is cool enough for our kitchen. Or we sometimes want to imitate the kitchen designs available online that appears fantastic with recessed lighting. Some other types of lighting such as LED strips and LED accent lightings are also brilliant selections. Casual options such as string lighting ideas are sometimes also great to place in the kitchen. The wide selections of fluorescent kitchen lighting ideas are also irresistible.

Fluorescent kitchen lighting comes in various types as well. To install it prettily, we need to make a clear plan. Since fluorescent lighting produces bright and white illumination, we need to place it well and pick the size which will be excellent for our kitchen size. Instead of using several small fluorescent bulbs, we can select one big lighting fixture to save the cost and draw better attention. Here are some inspirations of fluorescent kitchen lighting ideas to adopt:

Add Fluorescent Lighting above the Cabinet

We have learned about the benefits of placing lighting under upper kitchen cabinets. The lighting is useful for giving beauty and functionality. But little do we know that we can also add fluorescent lighting above the cabinet. When our cabinet is not reaching the edge kitchen’s ceiling, it will be great to place lighting to emphasize the space. This is a good idea to prevent dullness. For an optimal aesthetic, we need to choose T5 fluorescent bulb which creates wonderful reflection of the ceiling.

Be Classical be Fluorescent Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Fluorescent lighting fixtures are now designed with various shapes and looks. However, the idea of fluorescent is always identical with modern minimalist kitchen design. What if we want to apply the lighting for our classic kitchen? This will be easy since we can also find fluorescent chandeliers with beautiful designs.

To place fluorescent lighting as an overhead lighting in kitchen will give a diffused blend of light. However, the illumination is not fully directional.

Kitchen Fluorescent Lighting Side Effects

Fluorescent lighting is recommended for its energy saving and economical quality. It lasts 13 times longer than the ordinary incandescent lighting. However, it can be unhealthy in terms that it can cause headache. In some cases, people might suffer from eye strain and even anxiety problems due to the lighting devices. But those unhealthy impacts will occur under a long exposure.

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