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Backyard String Lights Ideas

The wow factor of a house is on the design of its outdoor space including backyard. Thus, when a house looks dull, it is necessary that people make some improvements in the outdoor space instead of just buying new furniture and interior décor over and over. There are various outdoor space improvements that we can use to enhance the beauty of our outside landscape. One of the most essential is backyard string lights ideas. Most people ignore the improvement of outdoor space due to its little functional area. It is true that the outdoor space is not a main place to take pleasure in when we are home. But still, the cozy corner in the outdoor patio, deck, and backyard will make us feel like being in the safest place in the world. In addition, optimum home beauty will be obtained as we improve the look of the outdoor space. The improvement of garden and outdoor space can be as extreme as placing high class amenities such as hot tub as outdoor Jacuzzi. However, that sounds too much for a budget outdoor improvement project. Besides, outdoor enjoyments such as swimming pool and gazebo will only be useful during summer.

The most urgent and affordable improvement in the outside area is lighting. Most people believe that the key factor of comfort is facilities. However, during night times, what we need the most is the illumination. And it will be nice if we can combine lighting fixtures with elegant ornaments. There are many things that we can do in our backyard. Besides the fun barbecue party in summers, we can also invite our kids’ friends to enjoy a birthday party in our backyard. It will be fun to spend an evening with our close friends by sitting and talking about recent issues in our backyard patio. Not to mention big occasion and events like a wedding ceremony that we can hold in our pretty back yard. In short, we need to really set up the lighting fixtures if we want to make use our back yard well.

The best ideas of outdoor enhancement are backyard string light ideas. Whether we have wide backyard with lawn and ponds or a small one with a couple of wooden chairs, string lights will create romantic ambiance for it. We can simply place the string lights above the furniture to give both illumination and decoration. There are two types of string lights installation for our backyard:

Tight horizontal string lights

This is one of the most common installations of string light. We can use at least two sets of string lights for obtaining optimum effect. The classy lighting décor will turn an ordinary backyard into a bistro like vibe. This idea will be perfect as we choose the right bulbs. We can also give a match on the wall and the wire colors in order to make the entire look shiny. For instance, we need to pick black wire instead of the one with bright color like red or orange to give a more dramatic look.

Curving horizontal string lights

It is urgent to give our backyard awesome lighting. However, it is sometimes difficult to hang the lighting fixtures without any structure. That is why curving horizontal string lights are recommended. The curving position provides a more dramatic outfit. Besides, it will look more relaxing for the outdoor space.

Backyard string light ideas provide a festive mood to a backyard. To make the string lighting is not quite hard. We need to put in the last part of the suspension cable through three of the cable lamps. After that, we have to enfold the end around a column, garden post, or a tree where we can tie it firmly. We can use any type of bulbs for this ornament. However, it will be better to use small bulbs since we will hang them for a long period of time.

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