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Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Bathroom lighting ideas for small bathrooms determine the extended functionality of the small space. Space is often troublesome since it limits bathroom amenities and functions that people want to enjoy. However, there are many strategies that we can do in order to enhance the tiny space into a comfortable one.

Though we have many methods that we can apply, we need to be sure that we have enough funds. The task of small bathroom improvement will be perfect when we have a good plan, including financial plan. Finance will determine the concept and decorations that we can afford to remodel our bathroom. We sometimes stuck on our own imagination about good quality bathrooms. We start to think about expensive bathroom furniture and supplies that we think can make our bathroom look prettier. However, without sufficient fund, we will end up with bad results. Therefore, arranging the project based on the budget is crucial.

Before installing the right bathroom lighting ideas for small bathroom, we need to view the overall appearance of our bathroom. When we think that we can remodel some space for storage, it will be important to deal with the task first. For instance, we can add storage behind the closet. This trend has been widely adopted and the results look nice. We can store soaps, towels, and place some decorative flowers on the neglected space. In addition to that, it will be also important to check the wall color and tiles. Most of the time, the space of a bathroom is just fine. What makes it look tiny is the dark color scheme. So, if possible, we need to also work on that part. We have to change the wall paper or paint into a brighter one. Additionally, we have to also design the tiles better. For instance, we need to pick light blue and brown color instead of dark blue or bright red. Light blue will be helpful to add spacious impression and also to give refreshment. The pattern of the tiles also matters. We can pick the one with simple pattern or no pattern at all to get a spacious impression. Only after that can we go straight to the lighting ideas. To get the flawless result, we need to pick the right lighting based on the styles.

  • Contemporary Bathroom Lighting

When decorating small bathroom with small space, we have to think about providing good lighting. The illumination should be bright so we can enjoy a wider bathroom impression. The best method is to place several lighting fixtures right on the top of the bathroom mirror. The illumination will line up the mirror so it can reflect wonderful brightness. That way, bathroom will look nicer and also wider. We can now find such lighting fixtures with customize size and colors. To get the elegant look, we have to choose something like contemporary stained glass lighting. The outfit will look like art and decor instead of just a lighting fixture.

  • Modern Led Accent Lighting

Led accent lighting ideas are applicable in various home spaces. We can insert the led accent lighting in all rooms and get surprisingly awesome result. For a small bathroom, we can place it behind the mirror. As the illumination come through the round or square lining of the mirror, soft lighting will fill the bathroom air beautifully. The bright wall around the mirror will make tiny bathroom looks spacious. Led stick lamps are also recommended to be placed on the corner where washbasin and cabinets are places.

To give a wider accent in a small bathroom, we have to give sufficient illumination and reduce too much pattern. Cleanness means wider space and the right bathroom lighting ideas for small bathrooms will be worth trying.

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