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Best Home Theater Lighting Ideas

High class home theater lighting ideas will turn an ordinary home theater into a spectacular entertainment center at home. Homeowners will feel like owning a private five starred theater at home as the spotlight or led lighting fixture illuminate it beautifully. Home theater is needed for it can provide high class entertainments when people are home. Being at home is now a bit different compared to the comfort that we feel during 90s. When the internet hits the entertainment world, people start to ignore television and thus, family gathering moment is slowly replaced by a social media communication; which is totally different.

So, to build a comfortable home theater with high quality lighting is a great idea to get the atmosphere back. It is true that movie through television is now less popular compared to the internet but we can still feel the warmth as we choose the right lighting fixtures.

In a cold season of winter and for spending a splendid December, we need to sit around together with our families and enjoy television shows for joy. To share laughter while watching television or movies through home theater is a priceless moment that we will treasure. And it will be so much romantic for the newly-weds to share their passionate affection while watching movies at their private home theater. Therefore, to install good home theater lighting ideas is something urgent.


  • Many Recessed Lighting Fixtures

When the movie starts, we might want to turn off the lights and enjoy the movie through little illumination possible. Therefore, we need to place many recessed lighting fixtures on the ceiling, drop ceiling, as well as the false ceiling. It is recommended that we use bulbs with soft or white illumination. We can turn several lamps off while the show is on. To make the space more beautiful, we can add ceiling access led strip with white blaze. The soft color of its lighting will make home theater elegant in a luxurious way.


  • Colored Wall Accent Lighting

Other home theater lighting ideas show that to use colored wall accent lighting is the best tricks. Instead of making the room plain with white illumination, we can actually add color lamps. However, we have to be careful with the color selection. The right color choices will make the room gorgeous and spacious at the same time. Yet, if the color is wrong, our home theater will look like a cheap casino; which is bad for both the comfort and usefulness. The perfect choice will be blue. Blue lights that are placed above the crown against the wall will show up as a fancy accent for the overall outfit of a cozy home theater.


  • Light Filled Walls

If we can afford a full set of a home theater, we should never feel hesitated to furnish it well. Even, we can use beds instead of a series of cozy armchairs. Besides, we can also make it more luxurious with light filled walls and ceilings instead of using lighting fixtures. Sometimes, we feel tired with the pretty designs of wall mount, ceiling mount, and pendant lighting. What we need to do is to be creative.

Viewing some references, I feel amazed with the design of light filled walls where the illuminations are inserted inside the wall and ceiling. When we turn on the lights, popup wall and the accent of drop ceiling shine bright. It looks like the effect of led strip but in a fancier outfit. We do not need to purchase additional lighting fixture with the applications of this home theater lighting ideas. The idea will be a total amazement for your home theater.

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