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Cathedral Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Cathedral ceiling always delivers charming sight that both memorable and enchanting. Cathedral ceiling is commonly built with classic architecture that will make a house feels homey. The idea of cathedral ceiling is to give airy look. Besides, it is also wonderful to have cathedral ceiling for it reminds us with the atmosphere of a church. Cathedral ceiling is wonderful for bedrooms, kitchens, dining room, and living room. When a house has this type of ceiling, classic home d├ęcor and lighting will match perfectly. Besides, the rooms will feel comfortable as well as refreshing. Cathedral ceiling lighting ideas will make it even more stunning.

When we come home, we might want to enjoy a wide space that will help us to ease our tiredness. We tend to like wide space with good arrangement. A small house with crowded furniture is often stressful. However, for some reasons, it is not the tiny house that makes it feel quite stressful. It is the bad interior design and the wrong furniture choices that make it look messy. For a tiny house, we will need to deal with smart ceiling and lighting designs. Cathedral ceiling is a wonderful choice for the small space. If it is impossible to get a spacious impression with the horizontal room, it will be great to expand it vertically.

Smart cathedral ceiling lighting ideas are the solutions to make the ceiling look more beautiful. The ideas are also excellent for extending the wider room impression that we want to get pleasure in.

  • Compact Fluorescent Lightings

Cathedral ceiling is built for providing aesthetic and airy atmosphere. To preserve the mood during the nights, it will be awesome to place some fluorescent or recessed can lighting fixtures. We need two or three lighting fixtures for each side. The shines will be delivered well to the entire place which will create clean ambiance.

These cathedral ceiling lighting ideas are best applied in the kitchen. For other rooms, these ideas are still questionable. Pendant lightings for a kitchen are awesome because of the kitchen island. The angled pendant lightings will look great to hang from the peak cathedral ceiling over the island. The pendant lighting fixtures will create cool line of flair for the kitchen. For a better accent in the lighting design, we can add long fluorescent tubes on the sloping ceiling above the kitchen cabinets.

  • Wall Sconces for cathedral ceiling lighting ideas

Wall sconces are always pretty for all rooms. Even, wall sconces work well for a bathroom. However, when it is for a cathedral ceiling, the designs should be selected well. We need to choose classic wall sconces with the simplest design. Besides, we have to choose the one that can provide unique illumination. It is necessary to create a dramatic appearance of cathedral ceiling with illumination that sweeps the upper part of wall to the ceiling.

Interior designers have introduced wide explorations of led accent lighting fixtures that are applicable in all home styles. However, the usage is still limited in the living rooms and dining area. Meanwhile, people know only a little about its functionality to decorate bedrooms. Led accent lighting fixtures look totally cool for giving shines through the headboard. For a bedroom with cathedral ceiling, led accent lighting is also gorgeous. We can place led accent lighting to line up the meeting point between the walls and the cathedral ceiling. The soft illumination and white color of the lightings will make our bedroom look beautifully spacious.

All of the cathedral ceiling lighting ideas have to be installed properly. Besides, we need to contact professional supplier in order to give us the best collections that are both durable and matching to our bedroom overall theme.

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