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Christmas Light Storage Ideas

Christmas is always delightful with its shiny lighting décor. The colorful illuminations of our Christmas string lights are the core spirit of Christmas while we are home. The sparkling Christmas tree with its twinkling lights is also a gorgeous ornament that we always want to install for the sake of Christmas beauty. And it will not be perfect until we make our front porch look so merry with our ball lighting that shines brightly through Decembers. However, when Christmas is done, we need to keep the beauty by storing the lighting fixtures well. We should invest in Christmas lighting ideas and thus we need to store it properly. Here are several creative Christmas light storage ideas which are both space and time saving.


  • Make Use Cardboards

When Christmas comes, our excitement will be stumbled a little as we find it frustrating to untangle the Christmas light string. With a poor storage, the long string will be tangled and to deal with it is not fun at all. Therefore, to avoid the same annoying experience for the next Christmas, we need to play smart. We can use cardboard to roll the string. It will be easy and cheap since we can utilize used gift boxes to make the DIY storages. First of all, we have to cut is 12x 6 inches. Besides, we need to get prepared with heavy duty scissors to cut the cardboard and make a notch on the one side. We can make several cardboard with a notch for each light string that we want to store. To mark the type of the lighting, we need to write a label so it will be more organized. When ready, we can simply roll the string and put the end of the cord on the notch. For a more secured storage, we need to cover the roll with a tissue paper. That way, the lighting fixture will stay save and not broken.


  • Christmas Light Storage Ideas-Utilize Power Cord Holders

For those who are too tired to make a DIY cardboard, power cord holders can be the solutions. We can find the device on the hardware shop. For an easy storage, we need to pick the one that is designed for a big outdoor cord. It will be efficient to use this device since we can hang the rolled lighting fixtures in the garage or storage room instead of placing them in a box. The round holder will make the string light secured so we do not have to add some safety cover for it.


  • Make Use a Hanger

Most people do not know that clothes hanger can be this beneficial. We can simply roll the string light along the body of clothes hanger. When it reaches the end, we can make it safe by tying it with a rubber band. After that, we need to only hang the hanger in a safe place.


  • Christmas Light Storage Ideas- Don’t Waste Your Pringles Can

Besides using hanger and other used devices, we can also exploit Pringles can. Before using it, we have to cut a hole in the top for a cord end. Next, we can directly wrap the string around the Pringles can through the bottom and back up to the top. With such trick, the lighting fixture will not be tangled. To make it secured, we can place it stand up on a storage box. Similarly to the first trick, we have to wrap it with tissue paper to make the bulb stay secured.

Those are easy Christmas light storage ideas that we need to apply this time. With the easy storage idea, our upcoming Christmas decorating tasks will not be frustrating anymore.

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