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Craft Lighting Ideas; Cool after School Projects

If you have much times and want to do something creative that can enhance the fashionable look of your house, craft lighting ideas will help you to find good inspirations. Nowadays, internet has given us unlimited inspirations of crafts that are not only money saving but also beneficial for home decors. We can reuse bottles for holding plastic bags easily with the tutorial. We can also apply used bottles as pretty home décor with decoupage trick. We will be able to turn old cabinet into wonderful furniture with vintage design. And finally, internet helps us to change the atmosphere of our outdoor space drastically with stunning ideas of craft lighting. Here are several craft lighting ideas that utilize lighting- all of which will be a stunning décor for all houses.

  • Lighted Glass Blocks

The arts created with glass blocks are unmatched. Only with a single glass block, we can create festive décor for Christmas, Halloween, and also for a wedding. The cost of glass blocks is low and the lighting needed is not much either. Therefore, this craft lighting idea will be affordable. What we need to do is to create anything inside or in the surface of the glass block. For a wedding, we can paint the alphabetical decoration and simply insert the lighting fixture inside. Meanwhile, there are unlimited glass block craft lighting ideas for a Christmas day. We can paint the picture of snowman, Santa Clause, snowflakes, and Christmas trees. The pictures on the surface of the glass blocks will glow when turned on and deliver good illumination as a décor.

String Craft Lighting Ideas

Placing string lighting is not only fun but also beautiful for the outdoor space. Instead of creating ordinary string craft lighting, we can now make something more delightful. To do the project with the little girls will be pleasurable. We can do it as after school project.

  • Pixie Dust Lights:

Get prepared with white LED string lights, 1-4 yards glitter tulle, clear rubber bands, and scissors. Next, cut tulle into 8×8 inch square for each bulb. After that, tie the square tulle around each lighting bulb. Adjust the tulle tightly to each bulb with clear rubber bands. The pixie dust lights look like the setting of Tinkerbelle. The girls will love to have the ornaments for their bedroom.

  • Thunder String Lights:

The project will result amazingly because the décor will be lovely for the girls’ or boys’ rooms and also for the reading corner. We will need some string lighting, tissue paper, cotton, glue, and scissor. To make the idea works well, we need to view step by step DIY thunder string light online. The blinking lights will show like a thunder as we insert it behind the cotton with a cloud shape. The remaining strings can look like the falling rain.

Mason Jar Fire Flies Lighting

We need to get prepared with the Mason jar and string lighting. It is as simple as turning on the bulb inside the Mason jar so it looks like a jar of fire flies.

There are many other crafts that utilize lighting and result extremely cool. We can use the results as differ home décor that is sold nowhere in the world. For those who teach in classes, to use craft lighting ideas as an activity in the art class is not a bad idea all. The students will love to deal with the project because it is not too complicated.

Lighting can be that amazing for our life. We need it for giving brightness during the dark and offer fun effects as crafts.

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