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False Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Lighting ideas are often recommended by the interior designers who are the experts in all types of rooms designing projects. They know the mistakes that should be avoided. They also know how to make use a room purposively. For building a perfect room, interior designer uses proportion and composition as the basic. They really keen on making a room balance while giving it added function. There are always solutions in each room with flaws. For a room that needs to look spacious, they will apply certain methods such as placing mirror and giving it a good type of ceiling. Besides, they can also make a large room look beautiful with its harmonious interior plan. A dream house with art and sophisticated measurement will be obtained as the experts give their hands. They can draw a terrific design on vaulted ceiling well. They can also find the lighting solutions for a high cathedral ceiling. False ceiling lighting ideas which are more than stunning often come from their creativity.

However, to hire professional interior designers is a little expensive. Indeed, the results will be amazing. But the cost is rather high if we want to save a lot in our home improvement projects. Yet, we always have the way out thanks to the internet and trusted home improvement blogs. We can also learn how to design a room with the important basic factors only by viewing the works of a famous interior designer.

Today, we are going to learn how to deal with false ceiling lighting ideas:

The artistic lacey design

There are some spaces in our heart and mind that react well to the beauty factors of winter. It is the tree that is full of snow that makes us feel warm though it is cold outside. Besides, it is identical with dried tree branches, icicle, and also snowflakes. With all of those beauties, we might want to build a room with the same theme. Of so many interior designs with the theme of winter, we can now add the accent of false ceiling lighting with lacey design. Small recessed lighting fixtures are needed to mount with perfect placement on the false ceiling. To create the lacey design, we need to paint the false ceiling with sparkling gold or silver color. The soft illumination will reflect the color so it looks stunningly lacey.

Contemporary false ceiling lighting ideas

Sometimes, we need a clever ceiling design in building a contemporary bedroom. One way to do it is to give an aesthetic bridge between false ceiling and the wall. Designers recommend making it bending so we can place television on the bridged area. That way, the sophisticated atmosphere will be obtained in a simple way. For the lighting, we need LED lights for making the shiny idea more stunning. For a more dramatic effect, it will be excellent to choose LED lights with blue color.

Wooden False Ceiling

False ceiling can be made of various materials and for giving country or farm house impression, wooden false ceiling is the right idea. For the illumination, this ceiling needs warm and soft lighting that can give emphasize on its natural pattern. To give it a good improvement, lighting fixtures with wooden concept will be a wonderful idea.

False ceiling is definitely the alternative for giving a room an attractive mood. Most of the time, we forget that the ceiling part also needs a variation. Rather making it plain with one color choice, we can give it pop up effect with both drop ceiling technique and false ceiling creation. The drop ceiling gives the center of attention in the middle of a room while false ceiling provides another cool ambiance along the edge of a ceiling. With the perfect false ceiling lighting ideas, the atmosphere of a room will be livelier.

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