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Garage LED Lighting Ideas

Are you searching for cool garage led lighting ideas? Garage lighting is often neglected because we think of its storage usage and not a display function. Therefore, garage is usually left without any vivid design and clear concept. This is a common mistake in garage improvement task. In addition, it is necessary that we give a little cool highlight in the garage. For instance, we can play with the color scheme inside. For a fun lover, garage with the accent of bright red can be a great choice. People can add the pattern or ornaments from car race. To add stickers of international racer on the wall is also an excellent idea. In addition to that, we can also improve the appearance by giving cool lighting.

Besides focusing more on the lighting fixtures, we need to also think about the position of it. Garage led lighting ideas show that a garage can be built in a wider area. Instead of placing cars in a one big room covered by room, we can also build a car garage facing the bathroom. That will give extra space for the room to park.

The era of high pressure sodium lighting for garage is over. Garage lighting was formerly dominated with metal halide (MH) lighting fixtures. The trend of fluorescents is also so last year. Today, we have a new lighting idea- parking garage lighting with LED. This type of lighting fixture is good for its energy saving. In addition, it has white and bright light. Yet, it is often avoided since LED distributes poor illumination production. When selecting LED lighting, there are several factors to consider:

  • Security

When it is for storing cars, security is always in priority. The safety should be both for the ease for parking and for the security from thieves. The most crucial factor for the parking garage is the excellence of up-lighting capacity. This will help a garage from a dull and dark look. Most of the time, garage looks bad with its cave effect. Therefore, garage lighting should have good illumination to columns and signate. To get a proper illumination, it is better to provide 5.0 foot-candle. Commonly, garage lighting is mounted at 8 feet high. This makes it hard to park a car in a garage with that LED fixture installation.

LED lighting fixtures are good for the brightness. However, the glare of LED lighting was reported to be harmful. People might suffer from temporary vision impairment if exposed instantly with it. LED lightings with low and no glare are thus produced to answer such problem. For an optimum safety, we need to choose LED lighting that can deliver proper illumination without leaving a harmful impact for our sight.

  • Beauty

When we aim at providing wonderful outfit in a garage, fluorescent lights are more recommended. This type of lighting is awesome to place above a workbench and cabinet. We usually place a functional shelf for storing some things in our garage- this fluorescent lighting is an excellent idea for its energy efficiency. Meanwhile, incandescent lighting is not suitable because of its little hotter temperature for a room. Yet, if it is for providing more focuses lighting, incandescent is a good choice. Halogen lights and xenon bulbs are proven to give good lights for detailed project.

Garage led lighting ideas help us to determine how we are going to make use our garage. We do not have to stick on the idea of using overhead fixtures. Utilizing incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes are also great if we want to give proper lighting to the storage or perhaps the display area in the garage.

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