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Ideas for Lighted Decorative Glass Blocks

Similarly to a crocodile skin handbag and a pump shoes to a fashionable appearance, home ornaments are truly important for giving a house a perfect look. Indeed, furniture can be the best component of a comfortable house. However, without home decors and ornaments, a house will not be a home. Today, we have wide array selections of home ornaments for all home designs. Whether people want to place rain chains and wind chimes for giving a traditional and ethnic look or contemporary painting above an absurd sculpture, home ornaments will complement a house and possibly change an ordinary house into a simply beautiful house. To select the right ornaments is a fun thing to do. We do not have to pick ornaments based on the price. It will be flawless to have ornaments that fit the style and give added beauty to each room. For instance, people do not have to buy cuckoo clock just because it is expensive and look pretty for their modern living room. It will be excellent to choose sleek wall clock that make the living room bold. The ideas for ornaments are unlimited and thus, it is also great to try some ideas for lighted decorative glass blocks. Do it yourself (DIY) projects are now a trend and it is always gorgeous to place home ornaments that we make ourselves. However, it will not be easy to make ornaments or art work if people do not have any talents for arts. But now, we can buy custom ornaments that can be a unique touch for our favorite corner. We can start with lighted decorative glass blocks.

Glass blocks are not new things in the construction world. However, the common function of it is for giving an access for light to enter a room through wall. Glass blocks are placed between bricks and thus people can only see the illumination when there is lighting sources across the blocks. That function perhaps inspire artist to create another beautiful use of it. There are many ideas for lighted decorative glass blocks that will be good as a home décor. Try these ideas!

  • Holiday Seasons Lighted Glass Blocks

Crafters have created various styles of lighted glass blocks but the most stunning series are the ones with the holiday season designs. When it is October and Halloween is approaching, families all want to start their home décor. Besides crafting pumpkin and make a scary costume, it will be awesome to have lighted glass blocks ornaments on the table. We can paint the picture of jack o lantern on the glass blocks and place some led light inside. During the nights, the glass block can be a clean and super fun ornament of Halloween. Meanwhile, in December, ideas for lighted decorative glass blocks with Christmas theme will look stunningly perfect for all homes. The spirit of Christmas will not be enough with the rope light and twinkling light bulb in the front deck. We need to place some decors on the living tables and even in the middle of a dining table. Christmas lighted glass blocks are the answers.


Wedding Ornaments Ideas for Lighted Decorative Glass Blocks

Wedding ornaments are made for giving fun and memorable impressions to the married couples and the guests. Therefore, unique arts such as lighted decorative glass blocks will do. There are various wedding theme ideas that we can apply in a piece of glass block. Inserting the initials of the brides and bride grooms inside the glass blocks will make the wedding romantic. Additionally, we can also write some romantic quotes on the surface of the glass blocks and add a cute bow as the sweet finish.


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