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Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Vaulted Ceilings

These kitchen lighting ideas for vaulted ceilings will be the solutions for a pretty kitchen with vaulted ceilings. An improvement project like giving proper lighting in kitchen is truly essential. For those who do not know yet about the importance of kitchen, the best room at home might be a living room, or even a bathroom. But when people know that the life of a house is kitchen, people will start furnish it well. Kitchen is the heart and soul of a house since people can enjoy from the simplest foods to the fanciest ones and find the happiness instantly. Kitchen is where the delicious meals are served. Though some families do not eat together a lot, kitchen will still be the best place since the warmth of a family bond and togetherness has been all started from the kitchen. For the mommies, kitchen is also the most precious place at home. They spend hours preparing meals and also baking sweet cakes for important occasions. Kitchen is also the place where mommies show their deep affection through foods. Thus, it will be fine if kitchen is furnished well and ornamented perfectly. After finding the best kitchen cabinets and the right counter top, we need to also think about the wall and finally the lighting. Lighting is often placed in the final obsession in kitchen though lighting fixtures are the most essential components of a beautiful kitchen. Kitchen lighting can help all tasks in the kitchen a lot. Besides, it will also give it a wonderful mood. However, improving the light in the kitchen is sometimes tricky. The hardest part of it is when the kitchen has vaulted ceiling. It is beautiful to have a vaulted ceiling for a kitchen because it will give more spacious look. In addition, it will feel airy and comfortable at the same time. Yet, the vaulted ceiling makes it hard to place decorated ceiling lighting. The extra space gives a little challenge to place the best lighting fixture without reducing the functions and aesthetic.

  • Recessed Lighting; the First Option

A sloping ceiling will look fine with recessed lighting. This type of lighting fixture is durable and provides customizable illumination. There are various styles of this recessed lighting fixture but for a resident, we need to take a lot at the selection of recessed lighting supplies that are specially designed for vaulted ceilings. We can easily find the perfect one through the online specialists. To get the best type of recessed lighting, we need to determine the illumination effect that we want to enjoy. To get the bright effect, we need to mount recessed lights in the entire ceiling. Recessed lighting fixtures are good options to take but these types of lighting will look wonderful when paired with pendant lights.

  • Pendant Lights- the Stunning Kitchen Lighting ideas for Vaulted Ceilings

The high ceiling of a vaulted kitchen will look dull and somehow creepy without any decoration. Therefore, pendant lights are needed to give it layered. Pendant lights can give a good ornament to fill the extra space in the high ceiling. Besides, the room will be cool as well as elegant with the collaboration of recessed lighting fixtures and pendant lights. The designs of pendant lights are varied in colors and appearance. Whether people want to bring monochromatic look with black and white colors in their kitchens or to choose colorful pendant lights which look fantastic for shabby chic kitchen styles, pendant lights are the right choices. For a more natural look, skylight lighting fixtures can also be the alternatives.

After going through an improvement with kitchen lighting ideas for vaulted ceilings, kitchen will look nothing but graceful. Kitchen as the heart and soul of the house will be delightfully sparkling with the right lighting fixtures.

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