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Unique Interior Stair Lighting Ideas

What we need to improve an indoor stair is a tint of creativity and interior stair lighting ideas. There are various creations of stair functionality that we need to optimize in order to get the best benefits from stairs. Traditionally a stair is only a device that connects the ground floor and the up stair. But the shape of stairs is long and thus it takes big space. Without any added function, stairs will look like a trouble in every house. But thanks to the recent creations of storage under the stairs, we can now make use stairs better. The space under the stairs is enough to be a built in storage for almost anything. We can place shoes, bags, and boxes under the stairs. In addition, we can also build a special glass display cabinet and place essential belongings such as trophy, china, and other fragile collections. Additionally, we can change the empty space into functional toy storage. And it is also possible to use the space as a bookcase. Even, it is also beautiful to use the space under the stairs as a kitchen cabinet. There are unlimited creations for the empty space.

Along with the inspirations, interior stair lighting ideas will make them perfect.

  • Built in Lighting Fixtures

You will never guess that built in lighting fixtures will look that stunning. We need to place at least three built in lighting for a stair with standard length. For a more stunning décor, we can hang family photos or a piece of art work on the wall adjacent to the staircase. Before buying, we need to consider finding the one that matches the stair concept. For a minimalist look, square built in lighting fixtures will work well. As long as the shape and design integrates with the design perfectly, these built in lighting ideas will look stunning as well as unique. Through lighting specialists, we will be able to get various types of built in lighting fixtures. We can try unique type of staircase lights with obstructing light ability. As we turn on the lights, we will see that the illumination comes out from small spaces from the fixture. The idea will look not only magical but also smart. Going up the stairs will be like being in a stairway to heaven because of the little stars on the adjacent wall. Stairs will not only be functional but also epic with this lighting choice. Built in lighting fixture is one of the most unique interior stair lighting ideas.

  • Riser Light Fixtures

To install riser lighting, we need to rebuild the stairway or at least make a quite huge remodeling project. Risers are the vertical lighting that is placed under the edge of every step on the stairs. This lighting idea is cool as well as helpful for a stair safety. The importance of giving proper lighting is for giving the ease when climbing or going down the stairs. To place the risers is definitely a great idea. We can place a single riser for each step or place some small riser lightings on each. The twinkling effects of the small light bulbs will make the stairs emerge more than gorgeous.

  • Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is commonly used in the dining room or in the kitchen nook. But little do we know that pendant lighting is awesome for the stairway. We need to pick ruffle pendant lights and hang them on the ceiling. As the pendant lighting drop the illumination through the stair area, the atmosphere will be so much comfortable.

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