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Unique Laundry Room Lighting Ideas

Laundry room is one of the rooms that need to be furnished and decorated well if we want to make our dream house come true. Laundry room is the place where the dirty clothes processed and the clothes organized. Most of the time, laundry room is also the place where bathroom and cleaning supplies such as shampoo, soaps, and detergent are stored. Therefore, this very room can also play essential role of the storage room. With good quality laundry room, our organizing task at home will be easy to deal with. It is thus recommended to build a pretty laundry room that is equipped with good lighting ideas.

Laundry room lighting ideas are all aimed at providing better comfort in doing the laundry. Dealing with laundry tasks is a tiring and boring. However, this task should be completed regularly in order to make a house organized. It will be easier to bring our clothes to a launderette but the rates will not be cheap. Therefore, it will be better to give a good lighting, a nice decoration, and comfortable ambiance in the laundry room so we feel good in doing the exhausting task.

Laundry room is normally placed side by side with kitchen or family bathroom. The space is usually hidden and neglected. However, with the important function of this room, laundry room must receive similar keen attention for décor and style.

Though we all know that laundry room will never be a room where a family sit and laugh together, this room should be decorated with certain theme so a house looks balanced. Similarly to a kitchen, laundry room is unquestionably functional and needs some features in order to optimize the function. The most essential thing for creating a good laundry room is to get prepared with layout. We need to place washing machines, cabinets, and sink, and some storage devices well. Plus, we need to determine the tasks that we want to do in the laundry room. If we want to complete all laundry chores including ironing, we need to also set the table and sorting area.

For a complex task that we want to do in our laundry room, laundry room lighting ideas should give us the inspirations.

  • Decorative Lighting

For an aesthetic reason, we have to pick lighting fixtures that also function as decorative ornament. For a classic laundry room, round decorative lighting on the ceiling will look cool. For a laundry room, chandelier is not recommended because it will look too much. Instead, we have to select ceiling lamps with simple ornaments or pattern. For a more functional lighting, we will need to place some fluorescent lighting under the cabinet.

  • Laundry Room Lighting Ideas for a Style

With the intense laundry tasks that should be done almost every day, housewives might want to build one with a style that they like. One of the trends is shabby chic or vintage style. And it is not that hard to create laundry room with such styles. Similarly to other space, we have to pick old styles cabinets and it will look better if we let it natural with decayed paints. Next, we need to choose curtain with shabby chic theme. Usually, white and pink colors will blend well with the style. And if we have front load washing machine, we can place them under a countertop, on which we can set some storage and ornaments with the vintage theme. For the lighting, can pendant lighting will be enough. For a stronger vintage look, we can also purchase string lighting fixtures with vintage design.

With unique laundry room lighting ideas, our laundry corner will never look dull and creepy. We need to choose lighting fixtures which we want to install in other rooms at home.

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